About Us

With appalling levels of service delivery to all communities in Johannesburg, inadequate planning, an almost total lack of repairs and maintenance, inefficiency, and a lack of accountability, Johannesburg – characterised by grime, urban decay and crumbling infrastructure – is anything but “world class”.

Our vision for Johannesburg is a city characterised by sound fiscal management and fiscal discipline underpinned by good governance where existing assets are managed and properly cared for, open spaces and natural assets are properly maintained, where new investment is directed where required and economic growth is facilitated without favouring one over another.

In recognising the diversity of our people and the varying lifestyle and community needs, the DA is motivated by respect for the fundamental rights of all our people to live their lives in safe and secure living environments supported by a commitment to delivering quality and affordable services.

Because we are no longer only an opposition party and because we wanted publicly to confirm and manifest this change, we re-launched the party at Constitution Hill in November 2008 to show we share a dream for South Africa with millions. Our vision for Johannesburg mirrors our dream for South Africa: an open opportunity society in which every person is free, secure and equal, where everyone has the opportunity to improve the quality of their life and pursue their dreams, and in which every language and culture has equal respect and recognition.
The “Open Opportunity Society for All” brings together three key concepts:

  • Individual freedom under the rule of law – an open society
  • Opportunity with responsibility – an opportunity society
  • Full equality for all.

In doing so, it creates a fourth concept that underpins our vision of the proper relationship between individuals, the state and society in South Africa today. Our vision is grounded in the idea that every human being has a right to dignity – a foundational concept that informs our values and vision.

Everywhere we govern, such as in the City of Cape Town, Midvaal in Gauteng and in other municipalities across the country, we are already putting it into practice. We have created more economic opportunities, accelerated service delivery and cut crime. We are helping to improve people's lives