Mar 28

Incompetent service by City Parks endangers the lives of public representatives

Media Release by:

Lynette Pretorius

DA Ward Councillor for City of Johannesburg Ward 68

Last night a mob of angry residents marched to the house of DA Ward Cllr Lynette Pretorius. The Councillor was blamed for the poor service delivery in the ward. The main complaint had to do with the lack of maintenance and grass cutting by City Parks. The situation became heated and JMPD and SAPS had to be called in. Cllr Pretorius produced sufficient evidence with regards to correspondence with the City and City Parks, requesting assistance with maintenance in her ward. The residents listened to Cllr Pretorius and crowd eventually dispersed peacefully. Cllr Pretorius has vowed to continue to fight for service delivery in her ward.

Please see her statement below. Cllr Pretorius is the Councillor for Ward 68 and can be contacted on 076 901 136.


It’s high time that the CEO of City Parks came to explain to the communities why the areas are in such a bad state. As from December 2012 I have forward emails to the entity to cut grass. According one of the officials, they were going to start at the beginning of February 2013, but were delayed. Eventually they started in Industria, but the grass is overgrown once again. City Parks just cut the grass in an unprofessional manner. At certain points they will cut and leave an entire section uncut.

The residents of Riverlea Extension 3 went to the extent to march to the home of the local councillor on the eve of the 27th March 2013. The residents in Riverlea Ext 3 are living on private property and it’s their duty to keep their stands clean and fenced off. Several stands are vacant, the stands are overgrown with grass and not fenced off. Last year we experience the same scenario in Riverlea Ext 3 and City Parks made it clear it’s the owners responsibility not theirs. We had several robberies taking place in the area, due to the very same issue. Residents of Riverlea Ext 3 don’t attend the Community Policing Forum, but when incidents occur they want to take action to endanger the lives of innocent people that are not public representatives. I call on the residents that when I’m in the area having open meetings to attend. We had several crime meetings with the residents in the very same area and eventually some of them stayed away. We then started having mining meetings, but only a certain part of the area attended those meetings. Residents must remember it’s only in joining hands that we can make ward 68 and the entire South Africa a better place to live in.

Irrespective of the situation, as a human being and the local councillor, I feel their frustration and I sympathize with them, but it’s time the CEO gets out with his crew and comes and explains to the residents what action will be taken.

That said and done, the entire ward 68 is in a mess and my question to City Parks is when do they intend to tackle the issues? Catch a wake up please! It’s not my job to beg you to do your job, you know what your duties are! If you go to all the other surrounding disadvantaged areas, you are faced with the very same sight for sore eyes. City Parks the ball is in your court! I will stand up for ward 68 and if need be I will bring them to your offices if you don’t come out and address the crowd.